Heading introducing  Trumbull County Common Pleas Drug Court.





Eligibility Criteria...

An individual recently involved in a felony offense can be referred to TCDC if the following eligibility criteria are met:

    • Current charge is a probationable offense.

    • No history of violent behavior patterns.

    • No history of severe mental illness.

    • Current and past criminal behavior is drug and/or alcohol motivated.

    • Demonstration of sincerity and willingness to participate in an eighteen month treatment process.

    • No acute health condition currently exists.

    • Approval of the county prosecutor's office and drug court team prior to entering TCDC.

    • Offender is deemed to be alcohol and/or drug dependent.

    • Offender must be charged with a felony offense, nothing more serious then a third degree felony (this excludes drug trafficking charges).

    • Offender is not referred with a DUI or DWI.

    • Offender has no holds from another jurisdiction and is otherwise eligible for security release.

    • There is no evidence that the offender has been involved in significant drug trafficking.

    • Must be a resident of Trumbull County.