Heading introducing  Trumbull County Common Pleas Drug Court.






Q. What is the Drug Court Program?

The Drug Court Program is a legal process where by individuals who have been arrested for a fourth or fifth degree drug-related felony may choose Drug Court treatment instead of various other legal consequences. Pleading guilty in the Drug Court and waiving certain rights is required.

Q. Who is Eligible?

Individuals who have non-violent backgrounds or charges, including an absence of sex-related offenses and weapon charges, past or present. Individuals who are not charged with drug trafficking or been convicted of a first, second or third degree drug trafficking offense. Individuals who are willing to admit that they have a drug problem and are willing to do something about that problem.

Q. What are the advantages of choosing this Drug Court Program?

The first big advantage is that you are placed in treatment at the level of care you need where you have an opportunity for full recovery from the disease of chemical dependency. The second advantage is that if you successfully complete this program, the felony charges are dismissed.

Q. How tough is it to successfully complete this program?

The program is fairly simple... but not easy. You must:

Q. Do I need to live in Trumbull County?

Yes. In order for a person to participate in the Drug Court program, they must live in Trumbull County.

Q. What if I don't cooperate?

The Drug Court has the option to impose sanctions up to, and including, imposing the original sentence. But, if effort is being invested in recovery, the Courts and the treatment centers will work with you... up to a point.

Q. How do I get started?

Express your interest to the judge, your attorney or the prosecutor.